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My Inspiration: The Wonderful World at my Doorstep

In 2010 I was roaming around downtown Boston. It was November and the air was heavy with a cold chill but felt light with the gaiety of  thanksgiving. Grabbing a latte coffee I meandered  into the anonymity of a side lane . But in Boston even a cobblestone has a story to tell. Entering a shop selling old books I was excited on what worlds I would stumble upon. I don’t know why the book came to me. The expansive title ” The Wonderful World at My Doorstep”  gently tattooed on the pliant depths of my heart.

“I write otherwise I get cranky, of course I also write to fix a broken world”: In conversation with writer Uma Krishnaswami

By Deepti Paikray One day Uma Krishnaswami spotted an impoverished girl reading a book at a busy intersection in Chennai. The girl was oblivious to the rushing humanity hurtling towards nowhere, heedless of the road blares. Uma wondered about her circumstances. Quietly she blessed the child, and over a few years wrote a book titled Book Uncle and Me about a feisty girl in a world of indifferent adults. The book garnered several awards in USA and India and figured as a must read in the genre of middle grade readers. For over twenty-five years, Uma has written picture books for …

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“My stories like some movies offer entertainment and value,” – In conversation with popular children’s writer Ramendra Kumar … Written by Deepti Paikray

One day a seven-year-old boy scribbled a poem which was nothing more than gibberish. Proud of his voice on paper he took it to his father who read every word, hugged the child and   simply said, “It’s Wonderful!”    Well, the boy grew up to be Ramendra Kumar, writer of 35 books, mostly for children, inspirational speaker and storyteller.  He was felicitated with 31 awards by Children's Book Trust (CBT)of India.  Ramendra’s writings have been translated into 15 Indian as well as 14 foreign languages.  One of his stories was included in the textbook for class nine students of Norway and another fable has been adapted as Kamishibai, the traditional form of storytelling …

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When A Period Is Not A Pause, Eradicating Menstrual Health Taboos ::: In Conversation with Suhani Mohan , CEO of Saral Designs

The alarm jangles and breaks the quiet of an apartment in Mumbai.  A young woman stretches to the beats of Bollywood, waters her five green plants, gets ready and heads out the door. She inhales deeply knowing that only her mornings and evenings have a certain predictability to them. Meet Suhani Mohan, the petite 28-year-old CEO and co-founder of Saral Designs, a social enterprise that makes sanitary pads for low-income woman groups through manufacturing technology developed in-house. As an entrepreneur, she is used to getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Suhani has won plentiful accolades, including the 2018 Forbes Trailblazer (top 25 business women in India), Young Visionary award by …

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A Mindful Journey: In conversation with Sean Grover, Psychotherapist, Author and Speaker

In January 2017 New York city woke up to a play titled "The Talking Cure." The play entailed the life of a Manhattan therapist tackling the demons of his patients and his own. Full disclosure: the play was written by psychotherapist Sean Grover as a validation of the challenges of his listening profession. I am at a school in New Jersey, where Sean is conducting a workshop on the tricky terrain of parenting. After the talk I wait patiently as he signs his parenting book, "When Kids Call The Shots ---How to seize control from your darling bully and enjoy being a parent again." Sean Grover is …

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