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Like Disney, we entertain everybody : Taubenslag Productions (Professional touring children’s theater company )
Dr. Dattatreyudu Nori : Legendary Cancer Specialist and A Man Of Many Worlds

My Inspiration: The Wonderful World at my Doorstep

In 2010 I was roaming around downtown Boston. It was November and the air was heavy with a cold chill but felt light with the gaiety of  thanksgiving. Grabbing a latte coffee I meandered  into the anonymity of a side lane . But in Boston even a cobblestone has a story to tell. Entering a shop selling old books I was excited on what worlds I would stumble upon. I don’t know why the book came to me. The expansive title ” The Wonderful World at My Doorstep”  gently tattooed on the pliant depths of my heart.

Whilst in India I worked with Reebok shoes for a decade after completion of management in footwear technology. My pitcher of experience full with R and D and production and my bank balance a comfortable bulk I quit Reebok to form my handloom organization. In a colorful world of motifs and traditions I worked with weavers and travelled into the interiors of India. Five successful years into it and aspirations had to be bundled as I flew across the pond to USA in 2008 with my husband . Loneliness, acclimatization into a foreign land , winter and the warp and weft of creativity inherent in each of us led me to pursue creative writing from New York.

I wrote for magazines and I wrote for myself.

Cut to 2019 . Finally I have claim to six and a half hours as my daughter spends longer hours at school. I cook, clean , drive , write and go for walks. I have finally begun to soak into the pages of The Wonderful World At My Doorstep written by Mona Anderson. First published in 1968 it chronicles the world of New Zealand’s isolated sheep stations and the 27 years Mona made the place her home with her husband in a lonely but lovely world. I admired Mona for her willful tenacity and gracious wonder that spills onto the pages of the book.

Wise men believe we each need to discover and make our own path in this world. So I pestered the rumpled clouds and the distraught wind as to how I may discover the wonderful world at my doorstep.
Listen said the naked, brave trees.
Listen said the twittering notes of sparrows and black-capped chicadees .
Breathe , coaxed the 28 F cold air.
No dumping (except thoughts) read the road sign.
Be kind ( another road sign )
Listen said the swoosh of the dish washer
I looked for answers in the daily drum of life.
Finally my ear to mother earth’s bosom I heard faint whispers of stories being written on life’s pages with the ink of toil and purpose.
This blog is about real life stories chronicling extraordinary people doing ordinary stuff and ordinary people doing exemplary work and how they have discovered a wonderful world at their doorstep. May we find our stories in theirs.

Like Disney, we entertain everybody : Taubenslag Productions (Professional touring children’s theater company )

“Are you here for a season or reason?” the question is thrown  to  200  kids ranging in age from 6 to 16  years.  Some are chomping trail bars, others fidgeting with the energy of the universe, the rest eager to begin their summer at the theater camp in Middlesex County College , New Jersey. It’s the question Michael Taubenslag’s father well known theater director Elliott Taubenslag posed to him thirty years ago and it still helps Michael  stay  true north as director of children theater . An hour later I watch Aladdin and am transported to a world of sand …

Dr. Dattatreyudu Nori : Legendary Cancer Specialist and A Man Of Many Worlds

” So we are all connected in the great circle of life,”  I recollect the words from the film Lion King in the midst of my talk with  Dr. Dattatreyudu Nori, world renowned oncologist and munificent humanitarian .  Its  1st January 2019 and we are at  Shirdi Sai Temple, Iselin, New Jersey one of the two temples  he has  built . To profile Dr. Nori is to attempt capturing the brilliance and warmth of the sun inside a glass bottle.  The youngest of eleven  siblings he lost his father when barely five years old . But God’s grace and his …

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