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About Me

Hello !  I am Deepti,

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I am a freelance writer and I love birthing stories after the protracted sweet agony of letting them drift through my veins . I do not write for money ( in a popular writer’s words the money is insufficient  to even buy dog food)   ) nor do I write for fame as it only belongs to the One behind the veil of cottony clouds. According to Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore ,  writing is the work  the Almighty has bestowed upon his least important people in order to keep them out of trouble .

I write to tell stories . For me stories are a living , breathing entity that extend beyond the thoughts of a writer, the fulfillment of a reader,  the limit of  a page and the endurance of a lifetime . Stories are  the sigh of the earth , the expectant breath of the day, the reason why the stars come out………….. stories  wait to be told and retold and thus never die.

On completion of Management in Footwear Technology I  Worked  with Reebok for  a decade  contributing towards the making of shoes. Thereafter I worked  with weavers for half a decade and contributed towards reams of beautiful cloth to dress people. Now as a I writer I spin tales that are the garb of life itself .  I have written for The Indian Express, Hinduism Today and Life Positive magazine.

Deep thanks to the one with the broken tusk and my parents whose blessings continue to unravel the knots in my life. Gratitude to all the generous souls for selflessly sharing the tale of their lives. May something wise come forth from the churnings of my being . May the stories light a lamp of hope in searching, tired hearts.


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